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    Use Anaplan to predict events before they happen, simulate decisions and collaborate across business units in real time.

    Anaplan is a cloud-based planning and modeling platform that enables organizations to automate, integrate data, and drive dynamic real-time updates to their planning and budgeting processes. Anaplan’s platform has applications for various business functions, including finance, sales, marketing, workforce (HR), supply chain, and IT.

    With Anaplan, businesses can model a planning process for any area of their business and collaborate on decisions, while maintaining security and alignment to company goals.

    Anaplan’s platform combines predictive analytics, advanced modelling and group collaboration in one solution.

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    The Blueprint for Connected Planning and Decision Making.

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    Carter’s removes four to six days of inventory from its supply chain

    How Anaplan is used by companies

    Anaplan can be utilised for virtually any data driven process which involves;

    1) numerical analysis, often with consolidation and collaboration of MsExcelR spreadsheets

    2) collaboration spread across departments and/or locations

    3) forward-looking decision-making.

    Select examples include: 

        Department            Use Case           Time Range  Problem Resolved
    Sales Territory and Quota planning for sale reps Annual How do we allocate large amounts of sales quota across a large sales force every year? What products should they sell? How do we optimise the territories for reps to maximise revenue plan coverage?
    Finance Annual Corporate Financial Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting Annual Developing a company-wide financial plan involving dozens or up to hundreds of finance staff across complex organisational structures 
    Marketing Budget and Spend Management Annual and Continuous  Keeping real-time tracking of marketing program investments throughout the world.
    HR Workforce Planning Annual through 5 years How do we optimise our hiring plans over long periods?
    Supply Chain Sales and Operations Planning Weekly to monthly Based on complex demand forecasts how much of which products should we build, procure? Where should we make products to optimise total inputs costs? 

    Anaplan's powerful and intuitive modelling enables customers to build their own models, often within weeks.

    Anaplan's success has made it one of the fastest growing SaaS vendors in the world.


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