Introducing Project Management Consultants
Date: 17/06/2020

By James Field, Project Management Consultant, PMsquare

At Cornerstone we excel in ‘Simplifying Data Complexity’ by delivering the right solution for the right business problem. That extends into our unique approach to PMO as part of our consulting service. Each project includes an assigned Project Management Consultant (PMC) to ensure successful delivery.

PMO as a consulting service

Historically PMOs have been perceived to be bureaucratic and rigid. The perception was they constricted consultants into adhering to project principles and strict delivery methods, without considering the needs of the business nor the client. In an ever-evolving technology market, PMOs had a reputation for providing an authoritarian approach to project delivery.

This perception is not our reality. At Cornerstone we work differently. Our Technical Consultants are encouraged to freely consult, understand and identify business problems to define the best solutions for our clients. Our PMCs allow our talent to flourish and focus on what they do best. 

The PMCs role is to focus on the team, to foster and facilitate collaboration, provide delivery options and manage risk throughout the project lifecycle. We bring this to life with our methodology, and here’s how:

  • Build a project team:
    • Drawing on our talented pool of 80+ global consultants, PMCs identify skillsets, industry knowledge and technological proficiency to match client needs and budgets.
    • Establish open and transparent communication between our clients and consultants by providing the right tools and technology.
  • Develop a low-risk and fluid project delivery methodology:
    • Each project delivery is unique in terms of client size, the solution and key business cycles.
    • PMCs customise a delivery methodology based on fundamental project management principles that best serve each client and their project.
    • PMCs work to enable an early return on investment for our clients. We are experts in applying the right methodology to meet changes in delivery schedules.
  • Control risk and manage change:
    • PMCs own and proactively manage the risks of the project from all sides and propose effective mitigations,
    • We identify and mitigate risk throughout the life-cycle of the project. This starts with the pre-project phase where our PMCs identify budget and scope technical and operational risks, right through to the implementation of our solutions.
    • Our PMCs see beyond project delivery. We help our clients explore their risk horizon by offering our consulting expertise and insight on IT Service Management, Application Support Services and Change Management.

Flexible, agile, ever-evolving. Our PMCs are expert consultants who manage the moving parts and embody our mantra of ‘Simplifying Data Complexity’.