Architecture and Cloud Services

Translating your transformation vision & strategy for Performance Management and BI & Analytics,  into an implementable business and technology model and assuring their delivery is central to Cornerstone client services.

Architecture scope and complexity varies by transformation and we cover the range from Business Architecture through to Application, Data and Technical Architecture.



As part of our architecture services, we help our clients in many ways:

  • Helping to design business processes and operating models that ensure successful deployment of optimised solutions.
  • Designing solutions that have been carefully designed from the perspective of initial data migration strategy, integration including real time solutions and master data standardisation within the wider application portfolio.
  • Reducing IT spend through simplification of overall architecture and overall maintenance and support costs and assisting with defining new sourcing strategies.
  • Advising on application portfolio alignment and infrastructure dependencies to ensure ongoing operational support and future proofing.
  • Protecting business operations against disruption from IT downtime through Disaster Recovery and Failover design.
  • Helping define Infrastructure Architecture Standards and Principles to ensure standardisation across their Infrastructure to support reducing costs of the IT solution and to inform new solution infrastructure design.
  • Assisting with vendor platform and tools selection including Cloud hosting options.
  • Supporting clients with defining technical requirements including performance criteria, scalability needs and security provisioning.


Cornerstone specialises in setting up and managing cloud-based applications which are highly reliable, scalable and flexible.

Subscription based services.

Rather than having to purchase and manage your own internal servers, databases, ETL and application such as PB&F or BI/reporting tools with large upfront costs and employing and managing staff to maintain all of them, cloud gives you the option of leasing them as a service on a pay-as-you-go basis.

The great benefit with these services is the speed of initial set up and scalability to meet the changing requirements of your business.

Automatic software updates

No need to patch up services yourself and put up with the down time and inconvenience that comes with it. Cloud services are maintained solely by the cloud service provider and are cost effective – no need to pay up-front for separate operating system, database or software licenses.

Many cloud solutions can also handle processing of large volumes of data through tools like AWS’s Elastic Map Reduce (EMR) or Windows Azure HDInsight.

Cloud services are both secure and easily accessible from any location using multiple devices. Great for back office staff and field staff.

Our experts have a strong track record in delivering application managed cloud based platform solutions.