Analytics Consulting, Training and Business Support

The most comprehensive and advanced selection of business intelligence tools are only as good as the way they’re implemented and used. When you’re looking for business intelligence solutions, it’s vital to ensure that you’re getting a solution tailored specifically to your business’ requirements.

This means finding the software and systems that work best within your own operational procedures, getting customised analytics consulting and solution design, and having ongoing training and analysis.


Staying on top of all the factors at play in a fast-changing business environment is the difference between riding the crest of a wave and being swept under it. It’s been proven time and again that the companies most able to anticipate changing market climates are the ones most likely to succeed.

Cornerstone will make sure you’re not just at the top of your game, but insulated against future issues.

We do this by providing a complete range of flexibly implemented services.

Project Management

Which project management methodology is right for you? The best results are usually the outcome of a tailored blend of approaches, encompassed by a strong, results-focused and practically designed framework.

Improve efficiency, get better outcomes and make sure your business is always on track to achieve its goals with Cornerstone project management solutions.

Customised Training Programs

Having invested in quality information management systems, it is imperative that the correct training strategy and programs are deployed to your users and organisation.

Cornerstone will work alongside you to understand your unique training needs, providing advice gained from past training deployments to get the best possible outcomes. Cornerstone have also developed a number of training programs that can be customised to your specific solution and audience, enabling you to kick-start the process.

In any training program, the effective quality of outcomes is only as good as the trainer’s ability to impart the knowledge. It is here that Cornerstone sets itself apart, ensuring that each training consultant is a specialist in the systems being implemented. Find out more about our customised training courses.

Complete Ongoing Support

Unlock the full range of benefits offered by business intelligence software analytics consulting with the Cornerstone Advise-Support-Maintain (ASM) package.

This offers everything you’ll need to make sure your technological infrastructure and team members grow alongside your business. We understand that staying ahead of the game is an ongoing requirement of success, and therefore offer ongoing support partnerships.

This includes full admission to our experienced help and technical support system, regular health checks, business intelligence tool master classes, a mentoring system to develop key skills within your team and complete project management solutions including access to our extensive library of templates, guides, tips, tricks and more.

Discover the advantages of the Cornerstone support network.

Solution Design

Every organisation has a unique set of business requirements and software toolsets. With such a varied matrix it is imperative that the overall solution design incorporates industry best practice to get the best possible outcome.

Having some of the most experienced specialists in the business intelligence industry, Cornerstone has the expertise and level of knowledge to help guide you in developing the best solution for your requirements.

Health Checks and Licensing

Put your mind at ease with Cornerstone health checks.

Correctly anticipating issues, and planning accordingly, will change everything; and we can make that happen.

Our health checks ensure you’re always abreast of rapidly changing market conditions and technologies, and safeguard against getting blindsided by avoidable issues. This includes ensuring your licensing is up to date and is still meeting your business requirements.

If you’d like the confidence of knowing that your business is at its most robust, learn more about our health checks and licensing services.