Your time is valuable. Let QUBEdocs do the work for you.

What is QUBEdocs?

An essential documentation tool for TM1 and IBM Planning Analytics users

It provides the tools to learn, manage and change your business models without sacrificing the flexibility, adaptability and complexity that makes TM1 so powerful. 

QUBEdocs provides:

  • Automated as-built docs
  • Visualisation of model dependencies
  • A consistent user experience
  • Model comparisons
  • As-Built Documentation.png
  • Compare.png
  • Full-Text Search Queries.png
  • In-Context Answers.png
  • Plan.png
  • Report.png
QUBEdocs documentation.png

Reduce Risk and Empower Users

De-risk your critical TM1 resources by keeping IP in-house and control knowledge management, even through staff turnover.


QUBEdocs Local

QUBEdocs Local 4.0 is an on-premise solution, installed on your server in your local environment to meet your specific needs.

QUBEdocs Cloud

No more servers or implementation projects needed - simply sign-up, set-up, and start having conversations about your models. Learn More.

QUBEdocs cloud is available for a free 14 day trial. Contact Us to try it now.

Whatever the issue, QUBEdocs helps you find and fix problems fast

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Explore our resources to learn how QUBEdocs can alleviate your TM1 documentation issues. For more information get in touch with us today.

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