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There are two separate levels within the top tier of business intelligence and analytics tools. The first is the core system, or the software that makes up the actual instrument itself. The second level comprises the extra functionality that's available from other providers. This second level is where your core systems get tailored into something that's not just capable of fulfilling your needs, but noticeably excels at your core focus. This is where our Technology Partners come to the fore:




Data integrity, quality assurance, version control, ongoing reliability

Motio is all about improving IBM software with added functionality centered on data feedback, in-depth user customisation, automated troubleshooting and improved flexibility.

It's so useful that even IBM has incorporated Motio into their internal systems, and seen great improvements to efficiency and operational costs since. It's very possible that you've regularly encountered issues that Motio can easily fix.


What is QUBEdocs.png


Cognos TM1, data visualisation, user experience, information integrity

QUBEdocs focuses on additions to IBM's Cognos TM1 BI system. The most popular of these additions, according to users, is its flexible data visualisation capacity. This lets you see the same information in different ways in order to highlight separate causal relationships, management impacts, market fluctuations and anything else.

On top of this, it updates TM1 documentation process to create something that's far more efficient and user friendly than the core system, while actively providing more relevant information for everyone along the data cycle; a good addition for almost everyone that uses Cognos TM1, but a downright essential component for a few industries with challenging business data issues.


BSP Software

Avnet BSP Software offers a portfolio of products that allow busy IBM Cognos professionals, administrators, and consultancies a way to streamline, automate, and add value to the IBM Cognos environments they work with. Be it ensuring a compliant and secure user base, an error free and effective reporting landscape, or automated deployment and documentation infrastructure - Avnet BSP Software tools offer a quick and robust ROI.




Integrated geographical functions, location-specific data analysis, easy compatibility

If your business model includes brick and mortar outlets, in-person customer service or extensive physical logistics, then you almost certainly need geographical data support.

Integeo is an award-winning global leader in this arena, offering a rich selection of instantly compatible software designed to offer a full range of location-specific analytical functions. This includes transportation, vehicular accident and traffic pattern mapping, management of staff in the field, indoor floor-plan analysis and even tailored epidemiological tracking for use in the health industry.

An extraordinarily wide variety of businesses can benefit from these functions, even it it's not immediately and intuitively obvious how. If we identify a need for Integeo in your systems, we'll explain exactly how it can help.

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