SPSS – Predictive Analytics and Data Mining

Solve problems, predict outcomes and make smarter decisions

Predictive analytics software helps organisations gain additional insight from their data. Whether you are trying to understand customer acquisition, predict cash-flow or anticipate asset failure, SPSS allows data to be mined and modeled by business users.

SPSS Modeler

IBM SPSS Modeler is an extensive predictive analytics platform. With powerful model-building, evaluation and automation capabilities, it helps organisations quickly discover patterns and trends in structured numerical data, model outcomes and make predictions for better decision making. SPSS Modeler provides a range of advanced algorithms and techniques including text analytics, entity analytics, decision management and optimisation, to consistently help you attract and retain your customers more effectively.

Modeler Professional – Rapidly uncover patterns and trends in structured numerical data to model outcomes and make predictions that inform business decisions with predictive intelligence. Modeler’s intuitive graphical interface allows you to create predictive models using powerful association, classification and segmentation techniques

Modeler Premium – Accommodate information from unstructured data such as web activity, blog content, customer feedback, emails and articles, along with structured numerical data, to create the most accurate predictive models. Natural language processing techniques allow users to extract key concepts, sentiments, and relationships from unstructured data and convert them to a structured format for predictive modeling.

SPSS Statistics

Efficiently analyse information and deliver comprehensive results

IBM SPSS Statistics offers rich statistical capabilities alongside features that make it easier to access and manage data, select and perform analyses and share the results. SPSS Statistics supports the entire analytical process, helping people validate assumptions faster. With multiple interfaces to key functions – from a menu-driven user interface experience for the beginner, to programmable extensibility and command syntax for the experienced statistician – IBM SPSS Statistics is a versatile tool.

IBM SPSS Statistics integrates with a broad range of capabilities across the entire analytical process:

  • Planning
  • Data Collection
  • Data Access
  • Data Management and Preparation
  • Data Analysis
  • Reporting
  • Deployment

SPSS Statistics has multiple deployment capabilities, being easily scalable to meet the needs of a few users or an entire department or organisation.

Social Media Analytics

Uncover consumer sentiment to go from mere social media listening to true customer engagement

Built on IBM’s leading analytics platform, Social Media Analytics can analyse the impact of social media on a wide range of critical business functions such as product development, marketing, customer service and supply chain to help organisations be more precise, agile and responsive to customer needs and opinions.

Capable of analysing billions of publicly available social media comments across blogs, Facebook, Twitter, discussion forums and other online sources, it provides the results in configurable, easy-to-understand charts and dashboards to optimise marketing campaigns, enhance branding and improve customer satisfaction.

IBM’s SPSS portfolio can deliver integrated analytical capabilities across diverse industry sectors, from Financial Services, Retail and Manufacturing to Education and Telecommunications. Call 1300 841 048 or contact us online to find out whether there’s a tailored SPSS system that’s right for you.

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