IBM Planning Analytics - TM1's planning, budgeting forecasting, analysis and scorecarding cloud solution

IBM's Planning Analytics takes TM1's powerful calculation engine to the cloud.

With new flexible Excel and Web front ends, IBM Planning Analytics provides a complete cloud planning and forecasting solution that also embeds powerful analytics into an organisations decision-making process. 

IBM Planning Analytics not only provides a robust cloud solution for budgeting and forecasting, it also delivers self-service analytics and dashboarding for your users. Planning Analytics provides:

  • Robustness: Using the cloud integration with Excel, your end users can keep their spreadsheets but move the business logic to the cloud.  
  • Agility: Utilise the same cloud Planning solution to plan and forecast, as you do for ad-hoc analyse or dashboard design.
  • Foresight: Planning Analytics’ integration with Watson Analytics provides a statistical baseline for your organisation's budget or forecast based upon historical trends in your data.
Planning Analytics Workspace Planning Analytics Excel interface


  • Flexible and scalable: Can be leveraged by an individual, team, department or across the enterprise. Based upon IBM’s TM1 solution, Planning Analytics is not restricted by the size of your data or your organisation’s budget. 
  • IBM cloud advantage: IBM provides a complete cloud solution taking care of all aspects of the budgeting solution technology, including hardware, operating system and application. In addition, IBM’s cloud Planning solution is located in Australia so there are no issue with data sovereignty.
  • Security: IBM follows the most demanding security protocols and standards in the industry to protect your data. Integrated. Streamlined. Secure. IBM respects your data and earns your trust.


  • No compromise: There's no need to choose between either a solution that offers fast deployment but limited foresight, or a solution with powerful analytics but limited agility.
  • Prebuilt Budgeting and Forecasting Models: You can have it all with Cornerstone and IBM. With Cornerstone’s Planning Analytic templates your cloud solution comes preconfigured with standard budgeting and forecasting templates that you can use out of the box, or that can be customised to meet your organisation’s planning needs.


  • Advanced IBM analytic solutions available to meet your requirements: Complement your analytics skills and experience with the powerful analytics capabilities that only IBM can provide.
  • Predictive Analytics: Planning Analytics integrates powerful planning capabilities with IBM Watson Analytics, IBM’s cloud predictive analytics solution.
  • Finance owned solution: Planning Analytics is a Finance-owned, self-service planning solution that gives the Finance team the tools they need to automate budgeting, forecasting and month-end processes, allowing more time to gain insights through analysis. 

pdf image IBM Planning Analytics Data Sheet

IBM Planning Analytics on-premise

IBM Planning Analytics, the next generation of planning and analysis, is now available on-premise as well as in the cloud. Drive your business with agile planning and exploratory analytics.

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