IBM Cognos Express – Performance Management and Business Intelligence for the Mid-Market

Cognos Express is perfect for small to medium sized business looking to implement performance management or business intelligence solutions. Utilising the same enterprise class software as Cognos TM1 and Cognos Business Intelligence, Cognos Express has been architected specifically for mid-size organisations. By using Cognos Express your organisation and users gain the benefits of enterprise class decision-making software at a fraction of the cost.

IBM Cognos Express is designed for mid-size organisations, providing everything needed for budgeting and forecasting as well as cutting-edge business analytics. Cognos Express is a pre-configured solution that integrates with minimal impact or reliance on IT, and allows end users to combine information from existing data assets to report, analyse, plan and easily present outcomes with dashboards and visualisations.

IBM Cognos Express Business Intelligence User

IBM Cognos Express Business Intelligence User provides self-service reporting and analysis, enabling users to access, modify or author reports quickly, while helping to reduce the cost and time needed to share information throughout the organisation.

Features include:

  • Broad report coverage, including financial, operational, transactional, managed or ad-hoc reports
  • Flexible report delivery, including the ability to write once and immediately publish reports to the web, PDF files, Excel spreadsheets or email messages
  • A rich set of the most commonly used visualisations, complimented with a library of additional visualisations from AnalyticsZone, to really bring the data to life
  • Support for mobile workers to analyse trends wherever they are
  • Access to all corporate data for comprehensive, accurate reporting

IBM Cognos Express Performance Management

IBM Cognos Express Performance Management provides midsize organisations with the ability to gain valuable performance insights to react quickly to changes in the market. Combining Microsoft Excel-based business analysis and optimisation with intuitive tools for planning, budgeting and forecasting, Performance Management offers a robust alternative to manual spreadsheets and planning processes.

  • Build and test scenarios with powerful “what-if” modelling capabilities
  • Write-back capabilities that link “what-if” modelling results with specific actions
  • Integrated score carding to measure progress toward planned objectives
  • Centrally managed data, business hierarchies, calculations and rules to help eliminate data silos and inconsistencies throughout the organisation
  • Drag-and-drop planning model creation
  • The ability to drill down, sort, link and chart data
  • Role-based security, structured workflows and clear audit trails for improved accountability and accuracy
  • Prebuilt blueprints that support key business optimisation tasks, including expense and capital planning, workforce management and profitability analysis
  • An Excel environment that allows business users to easily contribute data using familiar tools

If you’re looking for a business intelligence tool that can be smoothly integrated, will immediately prove its value and won’t place undue stress or demands on your IT staff, Cognos Express is the way to go.

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IBM Cognos Express Data Sheet

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