The Business Intelligence Tools You Need

Whatever industry you’re in, your company runs on technology. Every aspect of administration and product delivery, from payroll to manufacturing, is inextricably linked to the systems used to manage them. Staying competitive often means modifying, streamlining or even overhauling existing processes. As such it’s important that you’re able to remain technologically flexible with the capacity to give your team the right business intelligence tools for the job.


Cornerstone excels in this field. Our close technology partnerships and business intelligence consulting skills means we have delivered successful business intelligence solutions to a broad range of organisations in Australia using the latest tools.

We pass these advantages to you through ongoing support and by keeping you abreast of the latest methodologies and solutions. We can provide a full range of support for your organisation’s business intelligence program including training, consulting, documentation, strategy, architecture and more.

If you’re looking for the best business intelligence tools, Cornerstone is the clear choice.

The Best Business Intelligence Tools

The technological core of our offerings is made up of a range of IBM software products including Cognos TM1, Cognos Express,SPSS, Cognos Disclosure Management (CDM) and InfoSphere(DataStage and QualityStage). By themselves, these are able to fulfil almost any business intelligence requirements. Outstanding, tailored functionality is built atop this with a specially selected variety of complementary solutions provided by our technology partners.

  • Motio: A key part of the IBM network, Motio is dedicated to further improving the functionality of IBM’s BI software by adding features related to version management, accuracy, testing and data governance. The advantages are so significant and numerous that IBM themselves use Motio to get more out of their software in a business setting.
  • QUBEdocs: QUBEdocs is a purpose built solution for TM1 providing improved governance and documentation for your organisation’s TM1 environment. QUBEdocs audits changing in your TM1 solution, tracking who made changes when, and allows TM1 administrators to easily compare changes made between TM1 environments. TM1 models and applications are automatically documented.
  • Integeo: A world leading specialist in the development of integrated geographical systems for corporate and government applications, and provider of essential functions for anyone who’s looking to incorporate location-specific variables into their existing business intelligence solutions.
  • Rocket: Rocket Discover self-service business intelligence and dashboarding integrates directly with TM1 cubes. Discover provides a highly visual front-end to TM1 and can be deployed via a browser or mobile device.

When you get business intelligence tools from Cornerstone, you not only get the complete range of IBM systems and ongoing support, but also a tailored set of offerings from our technology partners, ensuring you get the greatest return on your investment.

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