PM2Plan Solution Capability

+ Overview

The PM2Plan solution is an integrated information management and business analytics solution that leverages expertise, industry knowledge and built in features developed from implementations with clients across multiple industries and different sizes (from mid-market to enterprise). 

+ Detailed Solution Description

PM2Plan is a fully integrated performance management solution for companies that covers everything from Data Integration and Data Management to standard planning and reporting requirements and more advanced predictive analytics. The solution includes financial, sales and operational capabilities such as Sales planning, OpEx planning, CapEx planning, Headcount planning, Supply Chain planning, shared service allocations, reporting dashboards and financial analytics including P&L, Cash Flow and Balance Sheets.

PM2Plan provides a re-usable solution with selectable modules for a single deployment in one country for multi-region, multi-country deployments. The PM2Plan solution leverages the methodology and experience with customers that deployed APAC rollouts including Boehringer and SDV and local implementations including Bega Cheese, and many more.

+ Functional Description

PM2Plan is an Integrated Performance Management solution that has been deployed multiple times as regionally hosted, multi-country deployment.

PM2Plan Solution Overview.jpg

PM2Plan combines the capabilities of IBM InfoSphere to provide all the foundational building blocks of trusted information, including data integration, data warehousing, master data management, big data and information governance.

This data foundation is then used with IBM's next generation business analytics solutions like Planning Analytics and TM1 for the above named modules, Cognos Analytics / Business Intelligence for advanced reporting and Dashboarding.

PM2Plan then extends the value to advanced predictive analytics utilising the breadth of statistical analysis provided by IBM SPSS, by performing advanced analytics, data mining, text mining and statistical analysis including regression analysis, cluster analysis and correlation analysis, data modeling and predictive modeling.

All relevant reports and planning models will be accessed by the end users through the single web portal. Data capture happens via Web Client short commands, break back, history tracking and ownership and workflow management. The web portal also provides advanced Reporting and Analysis capabilities. Other features include, Change history and ownership, Real-time plan status, Provision of aggregated hierarchical view of all business units and Centralised maintenance.

+ Competitive Advantage

The PM2Plan solution uses a unique methodology and has integrated capabilities for financial, sales and operational planning. It takes into consideration HQ requirements but also the needs of distributing, production, and business units in regional countries. Not just for the country specific implementations, but especially as an adaptable methodology to roll out applications to multiple countries as part of a regional deployment. We have developed a proven and workable approach to re-using the applications that have been built, we have also seen impressive time savings for the implementation for single countries participating in a regional project (up to 60% time savings due to re-usability.

Business Problem

There is a challenge for customers to rollout performance management solutions throughout the ASEAN region ie., with different countries, different languages, and typically, a shared services structure. PM2Plan integrates the requirements of sales, finance, operations and other departments but with a unique modular approach that can be leveraged across international borders.

Business Opportunity

PM2Plan business opportunity.jpgThere are many business opportunities for an integrated planning and reporting solution, and with PM2Plan's unique roll-out methodology and solution capabilities, we can ensure smooth and successful deployments. The key areas we see business opportunities for are pharmaceutical, consumer goods, manufacturing, information service companies, and for organisations that are looking to boost productivity.

Many of the organisations we have worked with start in one country, and then roll-out the solution regionally, or even globally. This makes PM2Plan a truly scalable and agile performance management tool for your organisation.

+ Return On Investment

The ROI for PM2Plan is calculated with three pillars:

  1. Cost reduction due to reduced effort and time
  2. Revenue optimisation by taking advantage of opportunites
  3. Profit maximisation through enhanced business effectiveness. 

PM2Plan ROI.png

For more details on how this is acheived in partnership with our customers, or for more information on the PM2Plan solution, contact us at one of our offices.

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