MotioPI v 3.1 New Features
Date: 16/03/2017

MotioPi v 3.1 is now available and brings with it audit database integration, enhanced search features and a bulk updating addition.

Audit Database Integration

If you're spending too much time on auditing, the follwoing new features let you query Cognos reports, jobs, report views, queries, agents, analysis, and outputs for: 
  • Date of last run or view
  • Who last ran or viewed
  • Duration of last run

motiopi audit database integration.jpg

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Enhanced Search Power

Motio have added number-based filtering (equal to, greater than, etc) to all panels in MotioPI with filtering capabilities. This gives you even more searching power to save you time.

  • Last run duration is greater than ...
  • Retention policy rules are less than ...
  • Number of cc/bcc recipients

Rerun Failed Schedule Executions in Bulk

With Cognos you can only run your failed scheduels one at a time ... MotioPI finds all of your failed schedules and allows you to rerun them all at once. It's as simple as selecting the failed schedules and hitting 'Rerun Report' from the Rerun Failed Execution Options.

To learn more about MotioPI or to see a demo, contact us on 1300 841 048 or get in touch online.