MotioCI 3.2.0 available for download
Date: 13/07/2017

A new release of MotioCI (version 3.2.0) is available for download. The release includes new features, performance improvements and defect corrections.

A summary of the new features is available at the Motio website. If you'd like a full list of the defect corrections, please get in touch.

IBM is expected to release Cognos 11.0.7 in the near future. When that version is released, Motio will issue a new release that includes support for Cognos 11.0.7.

Customers upgrading from the following versions of MotioCI will not need a new license key:

  • 3.1.1
  • 3.1.2
  • 3.1.3
  • 3.1.4

Customers upgrading from earlier versions (including 3.1 and will need a new license key. Please contact us if you require a new key.

You can download MotioCI 3.2.0 from the Motio website. For upgrade instructions, please refer to the MotioCI Installation and Upgrade Guide, available on the download page.

Special Note for Customers Upgrading from 3.1,, or 3.1.1: 

Starting with the 3.1 release of MotioCI, a defect caused the creation of duplicate modelView objects in the target environment upon deployment. This issue was corrected in 3.1.2, but duplicate modelView objects still exist and should be removed. You can use the included modelView cleanup utility to remove the duplicates. For more information, see the README file at <MotioCI install directory>/util/modelView-cleanup/README.txt. If you ran this utility as part of a previous upgrade or did a new installation with 3.1.2 or later, you do not need to run it when moving to 3.2.0. If you are upgrading from 3.0.4 or older, you do not need to run this utility.

If you have any questions or need assistance with your upgrade, please get in touch.