MotioCI 3.1.2 Released
Date: 15/07/2015

The new release of IBM Cognos Analytics saw a great deal of changes including an entirely new and improved user experience. Motio has kept pace with these changes and MotioCI 3.1.2 now supports this latest and greatest version of Cognos.

Navigating Cognos Analytics is now more intuitive and MotioCI has integrated with these changes with a new welcome portal that replaces Cognos Connection. The new Cognos Ninja icon amongst the menu icons in the welcome portal is where you’ll access the MotioCI user interface.

MotioCI Cognos Ninja icon

  • Report Studio has been replaced with Authoring, which is where you can protect and prevent other users from overwriting your work with the MotioCI check-in and check-out buttons.
  • The new ‘Highly Interactive’ mode in Cognos Analytics allows users beyond report authors to view and make changes to a report, which could result in an altered report spec. MotioCI further protects report specs in this mode with the check out capability added here.

Other additions in MotioCI 3.1.2 worth noting include:

  • Improve accuracy in testing content for Cognos upgrades with added functionality to the Output Stability assertion.
  • Version changes of Cube Designer model files (.fmd) can now be compared (diffed)
  • Cognos 11 Exploration specifications can be diffed
  • Improve automated deployment processes with new labeling options that support tools (eg DevOps) and additions of Cognos content

For more information or to discuss upgrading to MotioCI 3.1.2, email Piers Wilson