Australian Financial Leaders to Meet in Sydney
Date: 13/11/2018

Cornerstone Performance Management is a proud sponsor of ADAPT’s CFO Edge 2018. This years overarching theme has been AGILITY -how to enable, achieve, and sustain it to better compete in the digital age. We now take that message to the nation’s CFOs.

2,500 IT delegates at our C-level events this year made it clear that Australian organisations are hindered by business siloes, culture and people challenges, and legacy technology.

Even though we are at the precipice of major tech disruption and mega trends –‘transformation’ is actually very little to do with technology, and everything to do with managing stakeholders and change, customer and employee experience, organisational culture and risk.

Resilient systems and policies, delivering fast and compliant value have become critical. Equally important is a shift to new business models and new value metrics –all enabled by the CFO.

ADAPT CFO Edge is focussed on ‘Resilience & Risk: Competing in the Digital Age’  and will be held on 14 November 2018 at at Sydney’s InterContinental.

This is the 10th edition of ADAPT’s CFO Edge and draws insights from our community of CFOs, content and  surveys  from  all  events preceding  the  gathering, and  on-going  consultation  with prominent business executives and leading knowledge partners.

The event brings together leading Australian enterprise and government CFOs, CROs, Heads of Treasury and business leaders to discuss how they can drive change initiatives, communicate with their peers, insulate their businesses from emerging threats and ensure survival in a changing business landscape.

The core question is how to survive and lead the next 5 years? Global experts will discuss emerging metrics, revenue resilience, auditing cultural risk, competitive advantage, forecasting and budgeting in the face of chaos.

The delegation is qualified and by invitation only however, you can register your expression of interest here.

Event: CFO Edge
Theme: ‘Resilience & Risk: Competing in the Digital Age’
Date: 14 November 2018
Where: InterContinental

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