PM2CT | Clinical Trial Financial Management

Automate and enhance the process of estimating the costs of launching multi-country clinical trials with PM2CT

Clinical trials constitute a significant portion of pharmaceutical company expenses. Costs of clinical trials can be vastly different depending on the countries included in the trial and site chosen.

PM2CT is a solution designed to automate and enhance the processes of estimating the costs of launching a new multi-country clinical trial (including enhanced scenario modelling and forecasting capabilities) and monitoring running trials, providing a single point of data reference for financial controllers, clinical trial project leaders and operational managers.

PM2CT has the following unique characteristics:

  • Single online view of all the data for all clinical trials
  • Real-time data update and what-if scenario capabilities powered by an in-memory calculation engine (IBM Cognos TM1)
  • All-encompassing reporting capabilities (IBM Cognos Business Intelligence), delivering actionable dashboards and offline high-level reports on all devices
  • Standard upload definitions to ease integration with country systems
  • Country controllers are responsible for the mapping of local chart of accounts and trial details to PM2CT master data
  • Web-browser (TM1 Contributor) client with no installation required
To learn how PM2CT can help you manage your next clinical trial, download the solution overview here, or contact us today.

Club Reporting

Streamlining reporting across multiple data sources for a single point of truth

Industry Solution Club Reporting

Using the latest IBM technology, Cornerstone has designed a complete reporting tool for Clubs. The solution gathers data from multiple sources including Membership, Gaming, Food & Beverage, Finance and Human Resources, creating a single point of truth for reporting. The reports highlight trade trends, identify member preferences and high value customers, the correlation of promotions to trade activity, and much more, at the touch of a button.

With centralised and transparent reporting, managers can fine tune their business, improve efficiencies and increase revenue, by acting on opportunities uncovered with Business Intelligence.

Clubs with finite resources now have access to the latest technology with instant benefits and no upfront setup costs. Business benefits include:

  • A single report across all business data, regardless of the system which holds it
  • The ability to drill down into every aspect of that data
  • Managers have more time to analyse data that better supports day-to-day operational decisions and longer-term planning
  • Business growth is better supported by clear visibility over demand trends

Cornerstone Club Reporting is the most advanced and affordable reporting solution in the market place today. Contact us to learn more.

Closing the performance management loop

Industry Solution Practice Planner

The legal services sector in Australia stands on the brink of sweeping change. New entrants from overseas bring new engagement approaches, and the old norms are being questioned.

Clients are demanding greater flexibility on fee models, and will take their business elsewhere if their needs are not met.

PracticePlanner Solution

PracticePlanner is a tool designed to quickly, transparently and effectively deliver long-range planning scenarios for your firm and enabling ‘Best Practice’ in Performance Management through:

  • Driver-Based Revenue Planning – by setting utilisation and fee-earner assumptions
  • Partner and Client Profitability – including a range of methods for cost allocations
  • Cost Budgeting – setting cost targets for ‘Business as Usual’ operations
  • Strategic Initiatives – adding new practice areas and offices
  • Alternative Fee Arrangements – analysing the profitability of ‘what-if’ scenarios
  • Transparent Reporting – helping all partners see the assumptions and implications of the business plan

PracticePlanner also integrates with your firm’s existing Practice Management, Payroll and Accounting systems to give you a consistent view of the firms’ financial data, including:

  • Billing history by partner, client and engagement type
  • Payroll by individual and fee-earner level
  • Expenses by account type and location

PracticePlanner helps to close the loop by using historical data from your existing systems to inform the plan, and providing an integrated reporting framework to monitor actual performance against both the short-range forecast and long-range plan.

Functional Details

The PracticePlanner solution comprises three components of technical architecture, namely:

  • MS SQL Server Data Mart – which allows the flexibility to easily include new data whether from existing or new data sources in the future.
  • IBM Cognos BI Dashboards and Reports – each dashboard is divided into four quadrants, each displaying an interactive chart summarising/visualising the subject areas and contains links to a suite of reports designed to provide extra detail.
  • IBM Cognos TM1 Cubes – to perform all of the OLAP analysis and calculations required by the BI presentation layer, as well as for the budgeting and forecasting delivered with TM1 Web and TM1 Contributor.

Cornerstone is currently engaged with a number of leading law firms, and to experience the capability of PracticePlanner, we are offering a free consultation session with one of our industry experts to demonstrate how this solution can benefit your Practice. Contact Piers Wilson today to arrange an appointment.

Cornerstone PracticePlanner for Legal

Sports Analytics

Allowing sporting organisations to uncover hidden insights to deliver optimal performance when it counts

Industry Solution Sports Analytics

Unleash the Power of Analytics

If you think that the current business landscape is competitive, think about how tough it is for professional sporting teams. In today’s sporting competitions the difference between winning and losing can come down to a single penalty, a missed tackle, a few sub-seconds, a bit more strength or the ability for the coaches to keep their best team on the field for the maximum amount of time.

Cornerstone is helping sporting organisations to analyse talent, predict injuries and use business analytics to optimise the performance of their athletes and teams through the introduction of Cornerstone’s Sports Analytics solution.

The effect of Technology on Performance

Cornerstone’s Sports Analytics solution, built on IBM technology, is delivering competitive advantage to sporting teams by collecting, reporting, analysing and uncovering hidden insights across key areas of sporting success. Cornerstone has already had success with sporting teams in Australian Football (AFL), Soccer and Rowing, and the Brisbane Lions AFL team.

Brisbane Lions is one of the most successful AFL clubs in Australia, having appeared in four consecutive AFL Grand Finals from 2001 to 2004 and winning three premierships. Despite their past success, they are always looking for an edge over their competitors. With this in mind Brisbane Lions and Cornerstone have developed a Predictive Injuries solution to help staff identify those athletes most at risk of injury.

Taking data from a variety of internal and external sources, Cornerstone delivered an end-to-end business analytics solution using IBM Cognos, SPSS and TM1 that allows staff to quickly analyse past performances, monitor athletes and predict the likelihood of injury in the short and long term. This allows Lion’s coaches, performance managers, sports scientists and the athletes to make decisions on how to modify training, pre-game preparation and field time to ensure maximum performance on game day.

Expanding on just injury prediction, Cornerstone is working with the Brisbane Lions and a number of other sporting clubs around further enhancements including talent identification and lifecycle; competitor analysis; membership retention; social media analytics; and ticket sales optimisation.

Want to know more? Contact Piers Wilson today to see how Sports Analytics can help your organisation outperform the competition.

Cornerstone Sports Analytics Data Sheet