Business Intelligence Consulting at its Best

Are you looking for a new way of doing business?

Cornerstone Performance Management can help you analyse, visualise and manage your organisation the way you’ve always wanted to. In a world of ever increasing data and volumes, Cornerstone business intelligence consulting will help you put structure

to your most important data and present it in a method that is easy to decipher and make decisions on. With a team of expert consultants in the field of business intelligence reporting, we can ensure that you and your organisation are at the forefront of the latest developments in reporting, visualisation and data analysis techniques.


Keep things running smoothly with Cornerstone services. Our training courses ensure that you and your staff are able to get the most out of new or existing business intelligence tools, while our support packages offer the security of cost-effective ongoing assistance, health checks and access to advanced solution designs from specialist consultants.


Seeing the future makes management easier. We offer data-driven budgeting, demand forecasting and tailored predictive analytics solutions to make sure you stay ahead of the pack. In addition to this, you can also take advantage of our outcome-focused business intelligence and data management blueprints to make sure you’re up and running at optimal efficiency and are ready to take advantage of any opportunities.


Cornerstone is an IBM Platinum Business Partner, the exclusive Australian distributor of Motio version control and testing software for IBM Cognos BI, as well as a technology partner for QUBEdocs, Integeo and Pragmatic Works software. These affiliations let us offer a wider array of products and more detailed custom solutions. Get a competitive advantage with Cornerstone’s business intelligence consulting and technologies.