Working with Cognos BI in IE v10
Date: 15/11/2013


I came across an interesting issue recently. Did you know that IBM Cognos BI will only work in Compatibility Mode when used in Internet Explore v10?

Please see the image below showing the same page in Firefox and IE 10:

Insert Working with Cognos BI in IE v10_Image 1

As you can see the tabs are covering up the breadcrumbs which is quite annoying.

To resolve this for a single use, click on the ""Compatible View"" button to the right of the address bar. However if you have hundreds or thousands of users this can be more difficult.

Instead you can resolve this by following these steps:

  1. Open your web server and open IIS
  2. Click on ""Default Web Site"" and then double click on HTTP Response HeadersInsert Working with Cognos BI in IE v10_Image 2
  3. Add a new Response Header and then enter the following:
    Name: X-UA Compatible
    Value: IE=EmulateIE9
  4. You may need to restart your web server for this to take effect

These steps force the web page to operate in compatible mode for all websites without any interaction from the user.

As a result the Cognos Connection web page is displayed correctly and you will note that the ""Compatible View"" button has also disappeared.