Trouble Shooting Cognos Express Installs
Date: 12/03/2015

Why NOT to install Cognos Express to Defaults Directory with Windows 2012 r2 Server (DataCenter)


It’s happened many times … you’re trying to get a Cognos Express install done on a 2012 r2 Server and it hangs in the middle of nowhere, generally stuck around 70-73 %, you get frustrated which sets you off on a wild goose chase trying to identify the corrupt installation files. Even more confusing as this never happened in a Windows 2008 r2 environment.

Thankfully this issue doesn’t have much to do with the Cognos Express installation, but it is a Windows environment based issue which is specific to the 2012 r2 edition. When the 8dot3 name format is enabled, the parent “Program Files” folder sitting in C: of a typical Windows install does not get converted because of other Windows application directories in the folder specific to Windows 2012 r2.

The Workaround:

Ideal - 

Have a separate drive for IBM products, for eg ( G:\IBM\Cognos Express ….) Directory structure created at the beginning of the install. This restricts interference of the typical Microsoft products with the IBM software and is a default for any other IBM installations.

Not so ideal, but works –

If you can’t have a separate drive for IBM installs, what you could work with is skipping the “Program Files” directory from the install path and have it pointing straight to the IBM folder in C:, the structure should be C:\IBM\Cognos Express.

If you still experience difficulties with your Cognos Express install please get in touch.