Price Volume Mix analysis in TM1

Date: 16/06/2020

By Yuri Kudryavcev, Principal Consultant, Cornerstone Performance Management

I was just reading through Price Volume Mix analysis IBM Accelerator template and it would have been be so useful for me about 5 years back when I had to create our own template for a pharmaceutical model. Here’s some of my ramblings about it.

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TM1 Cell Security

Date: 01/06/2020

By Yuri Kudryavcev, Associate Consultant at Cornerstone

Had a few ‘let’s improve performance’ cases recently that were all related to TM1 Cell Security, so here’s a couple of notes on it. You’ve heard all of this before, just putting it together.

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TM1 at scale

Date: 30/04/2020

By Yuri Kudryavcev, Associate Consultant at Cornerstone
I recently had a chance to work on a very large TM1 system and one of my colleagues asked ‘so what can we learn from it?’ This question got me thinking a bit past the usual ‘just don’t do this’ banter and lead to this post.


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How WaterNSW transformed their financial planning with Cornerstone

Date: 03/03/2020

By Chris Banaszak, Principal Consultant, Cornerstone Performance Management

In the weeds with spreadsheets

If you live in or around Sydney, you probably heard of WaterNSW. They operate the rivers and water supply systems across the state (including 40 dams), supplying two-thirds of all water used by the regional towns, irrigators, Sydney Water Corporation and local water utilities. But did you also know WaterNSW owns and controls the largest surface and groundwater monitoring network in the southern hemisphere?

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Dispelling the myths: IBM’s ongoing investment in IBM Planning Analytics, powered by IBM TM1

Date: 28/05/2019

By Greg Adams, Vice President Development and Distinguished Engineer, IBM Business Analytics

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