TM1 Reports with the Print Report Wizard
Date: 05/03/2015

How to develop TM1 Reports with the Print Report Wizard


Out-of-the-box Functionality

The TM1 Print Report Wizard, is an option in TM1 which can be used to print, or save, TM1 reports as excel or PDF documents.

The TM1 Print Report Wizard can produce a single instance of each worksheet for the entire report (Print Single Workbook) or additional copies of each user worksheet for each dimension element in the report (Print Multiple Workbooks).

The ""Print Multiple Workbooks"" option has the ability for the user to either save all these sheets into one individual file, or into multiple files which is achieved using the ""Generate New Workbook for Each Title option"".

  • To generate the report, navigate to TM1 -> Print Report button within TM1 Perspectives.
  • Within your TM1 report, select the sheet(s) to be published/printed, then select the dimension/subset to loop through when creating the report(s).
  • Select the print output or save to PDF or Excel. Click Finish for the wizard to generate the report.
Customing the TM1 Print Report Wizard

Sometimes the out of the box functionality of the TM1 Print Report Wizard is not enough. Recently, a client required automation of a management report which contained multiple TM1 report tabs into a single PDF file based on the business unit(s) selected.

Due to the nature of the business and the unique architecture of their system, the standard Print Report Wizard could not iterate through dimensions or subsets to produce a single PDF report.

As a work-around we developed a VBA script within a control sheet, where the user was able to select the business unit(s) which they wanted to generate the report for, which would essentially create a single PDF for each business unit and save into a shared directory.

So if the out-of-box functionality doesn’t quite meet your requirements,  please get in touch we’d be happy to provide you the sample script for TM1.