Social Media Analytics
Date: 06/09/2013


The speed of business seems to have no sign of slowing down. Public and private organisations are realising the importance of getting closer to their customers, consumers and constituents. IBM Social Media Analytics (SMA) is a best in breed solution that allows organisations to:

  • Assess Impact: Are we making the right investments in products, services, markets, campaigns, employees and partners?
  • Segment: Are we reaching the intended audience and are we listening?
  • Relate: What is driving social media activity, behaviour and sentiment?
  • Discover: What new ideas, offerings and opportunities can we discover?

IBM Social Media Analytics is not just for our marketing department, but rather helps organisations to hear the voice of their stakeholders across a multitude of business functions including risk, HR, R&D, customer service, supply chain and sales.

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IBM SMA integrates together Cognos, Infosphere and SPSS to provide:

  • Influencer Scoring and Sentiment
  • Affinity Analysis
  • Geospatial Analysis
  • Behavioural Analytics
  • Emerging and Evolving Topics
  • Demographics
  • Competitive Intelligence

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