Planning Analytics Workspace Lifecycle Management
Date: 22/02/2018

Written by Andre Lie

With release 2.0.29 the Planning Analytics Workspace now includes a complete tested version of the Lifecycle Management feature.  This will make asset migration from the source to the target environment in the Cloud easier or enable the creation of a snapshot of the assets for roll back.  Supported asset types are Book and View.  However, the Websheet contained in the workspace asset must be manually moved across.

The functionalities offered by Lifecycle Management can be basically grouped into two main areas, Creating Snapshots and Managing Snapshots.  With Create Snapshot, assets can be searched and added to a snapshot either for immediate or later migration.  Renaming, removing, exporting or importing snapshots as well as migrating assets in the snapshot are made possible via Manage Snapshots.  Logs of recent activities for each snapshot can also be viewed. 

planning analytics lifecycle.png


Planning Analytics Workspace Lifecycle Management.png


Migration can only be performed by those with Administrator access.  The migrated assets will be placed in a new personal folder in the target environment and this can be manually moved to a shared folder with the right permission with the users.

It will be interesting to see what other enhancements are in the next releases now that all the basic functionalities are available.

If you would like to discuss anything else around the Planning Analytics workspace, please contact Steven Gill our Sales Director at