IBM Global Financing | Don't let budget stand in the way

Date: 05/12/2016

It's not uncommon for the full potential of existing technology in organisations to go unrealised. This can be due to a lack of knowledge or adequate in-house skills to maximise the benefits offered.

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IBM adds map functionality to its Business Intelligence tools

Date: 24/10/2016

By Peter Fritzsche

Prior to August 2016, IBM’s Cognos Business Intelligence solution came with some standard map functionality which could be used to show tabular data in geographic maps. Whilst this gave Cognos report authors the ability to visualise geospatial data, the standard maps were generally not detailed enough to meet an organisation's needs, meaning they had to utilise one of the following alternatives:

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IBM Cognos Analytics R4 Released

Date: 10/10/2016

By Piers Wilson

Whilst no-one can dispute that Cognos Analytics is a great step forward for IBM’s Cognos Business Intelligence solution, in providing self-service BI reporting and dashboarding, it was missing one key piece of functionality essential for current customers to consider seriously upgrading their Cognos BI environment.

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Reinventing the Offshore Model

Date: 16/09/2016

By Carsten Brandt


At some point in our lives we have all had some experience with the offshore service model. Maybe it was a service call from your phone company, or an interaction with your credit card support team, or - closer to our business - the consulting team from a larger service integrator for your IT implementation.

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Why Most SAP Customers Say They Won't Buy SAP Products Again

Date: 13/09/2016

By Marco Meisert

When SAP recently launched their new marketing slogan – ‘Run Simple’ – they made a bold statement:

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