What Is Application Archiving And Why Should I Care?

Date: 03/11/2017

By Chris Tolhurst

In an environment where pressure on IT costs and budgets is enormous, how can you save on spend and, at the same time, drive extra value from your application data?

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Rewrote Application Maintenance scripts for SSO

Date: 07/09/2017

By Yuri Kudryavcev

I’ve recently updated the script that runs application maintenance utility for TM1 when you got CAM Security with Single SignOn enabled on Cognos BI. See this post for the description of the issue, I’m publishing a better take on a solution.

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Achieve cost savings and agility with cloud deployment

Date: 06/07/2017

By Anna Ivanova

Why install software on local computers or servers when you can lease remote servers with great flexibility and cost savings and use software over the internet via a web browser? 

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How QUBEdocs is killing complexity of the TM1 environment

Date: 30/06/2017

By Anna Ivanova

If you are a developer, modeller or a business user of IBM Planning Analytics, then you may have certainly faced the dilemma of how to overcome the complexity of TM1 models.

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Custom JavaScript in Cognos Analytics: Notifications

Date: 15/06/2017

By Paul Mendelson

In the previous article, I created a library for handling start/end date prompt validations in Cognos Analytics with custom JavaScript. This works beautifully, but end users may not understand why their selections are not working. A well designed page should include some form of notification explaining why certain actions are, or are not working.

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