Operationalising Analytics Centre of Enablement to Accelerate Business Processes
Date: 31/12/2020

If you want to grow your business you need to also grow your technology. But sometimes getting corporate processes and technology working together can be challenging

There are two reasons for this.

1. The size of the business. The bigger the business, the more decentralised the processes become.

2. The enterprise’s technology initiatives. The more high-tech innovations are, the more complicated it becomes in a way.

Utilising a robust command and control system, like IBM, will help you to cope with this complexity without restricting and calcifying enterprise productiveness.

IBM's approach

IBM can improve productivity and output by ensuring IT initiatives are not neglected while also ensuring your path to progress is smooth. To achieve both you will need a Centre for Enablement or the C4E.

What is a Centre for Enablement?

The Centre for Enablement (C4E) is an IT operating model that will enable you to create reusable resources and acquire APIs. It promotes the use of best practice and expertise to promote self-service, and advocates effective application. As a result, it simplifies the roll out of new technologies within your organisation.

The C4E is a cross-functional team and comprises members across the central IT, line-of-business and technical engineering teams. Their goal is to create, publish, and leverage recycled assets and best practices. They encourage consumption and cooperation to help to create self-reliance, and optimise enterprise performance through reviews and metrics.

The C4E operates continuously, and is not treated as an independent project. They treat each asset as an integral part of the project, and a valued component of the whole enterprise.

Centre for Enablement vs Centre of Excellence.

The Centre for Enablement should never be confused with The Centre of Excellence (CoE). The C4D is an organisational approach. It redefines the "Centre of Excellence" by concentrating more on enablement and delivery.

CoEs are built on concentrated skills and intelligence. As a result, details become shielded and rationed. On the other hand, C4E...

  • is a governance vehicle that is asset-oriented
  • has practical details of API Patterns, solution accelerators and best practices
  • consolidates the control and distribution of recycled assets, APIs and capabilities
  • assesses performance against the consumption of assets

In summary, the C4E advocates reuse and self-service and will accelerate business processes and achievement of your business outcomes.

Below are steps to setting up a Centre for Enablement (C4E)

1. Assess the integration potential of your enterprise. First, recognise the existing integration and API capability of your organisation. Identify your enterprise's policy, structure, culture, governance, infrastructure and project execution.

2. Create a C4E operating model settling on positions and duties within the C4E.

3. Agree that your company will follow this C4E model.

4. Now, identify KPIs to calculate the cooperation of developers, efficiency and usage, and more.

5. Construct and publish fundamental assets. This includes creating and releasing an initial collection of reusable properties. There are API fragments, API requirements, templates, etc.

6. Create an engagement layer for developers and architects alike.

7. Promote the C4E within your organisation. In this phase, the core C4E team will need to advocate and promote the C4E and what it stands for.

8. Standardise consumption of assets across the enterprise.

9. The C4E should promote and push the consumption of reusable assets. This can be achieved in a range of ways, from onboarding, to promoting dialogue between teams, and facilitating re-use of KPIs.

Achieving Best Practice

When implemented with the best practice, the Centre for Enablement is a powerful tool. It will lead your enterprise all the way to digital transformation. And, it will deliver projects three times faster, while increasing team productivity by 300% compared to any traditional approach.

IBM’s Cloud Planning Analytics provides the best approach to operationalise your organisation's Centre for Enablement. IBM’s platinum business partner, Cornerstone Performance Management, can consult on creating a Centre for Enablement. Learn more.

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