Migrating Reports with MotioCI
Date: 24/07/2015

The Cognos BI version released after the current version 10.2.2 will be the last to include Query Studio and Analysis Studio - with Cognos Workspace Advanced replacing the capability from both Studios in future releases.

We've discussed previously how MotioCI can be used to accelerate your upgrade process, and you can use the same process with MotioCI to migrate reports from Query Studio and Analysis Studio.

The following steps summarise the process:

1. Inventory Query Studio and Analysis Studio reports

  • Many of these are ad-hoc reports which have not been professionally authored, so it's essential to document the queries and data items in each of the reports
  • Eliminate duplicates and simplify wherever possible

2. Using MotioCI establishes a baseline of output and performance

  • You will want to record the execution time of (at a minimum, key) reports
  • Capture the SQL generated by the reports
  • Save as CSV - a universal format
  • Formatting will undoubtedly change

3. Migrate Query Studio and Analysis Studio reports to Report Studio or Workspace Advanced

  • Yes, it is possible to open a Query Studio or Analysis Studio report in Cognos Workspace Advanced, but, because the user experience and feature set will be different, IBM recommends re-authoring the reports. As IBM says, ""Existing content will ... serve best as heritage content which can be run and consumed but may be overtly challenging to modify""

4. Using MotioCI to validate new reports

  • Compare CSV output from the 'before' reports
  • Compare performance of new reports to make sure that the user experience has not degraded

5. Fix reports, if necessary

  • Inevitably, some reports will require rework
  • Reports which run slower may need a multi-disciplinary team to evaluate how they can be improved

If you would like more information on the latest version of Cognos BI or a demo of MotioCI please contact Piers Wilson.