IBM Global Financing | Don't let budget stand in the way
Date: 05/12/2016

It's not uncommon for the full potential of existing technology in organisations to go unrealised. This can be due to a lack of knowledge or adequate in-house skills to maximise the benefits offered.

Cornerstone recently uncovered such a challenge with a client, who, frustrated by the apparent constraints of their IBM TM1 software, were beginning to evaluate other alternatives.

Marco Meisert, Cornerstone Sales Manager, quickly uncovered the underlying issues around performance and took a number of steps to enable the end-users and management to realise the full range of the software's capabilities.

In doing so, the client looked to extend this capability and invest heavily in new innovative IBM technologies with a three-year roadmap considering future growth and business strategy. Being midway through their financial year however, there was no budget allocated for additional IT investment. Cornerstone was able to wrap their solution into a customised financing plan, incorporating three annual payments, with a low first payment to address the budget constraints.

"IBM Global Financing was a big part to make this a success story for our client." Marco Meisert, Sales Manager, Cornerstone

So if you're ready to take the next step but your budget isn't, get in touch to see how IBM Global Financing can help.