How QUBEdocs is killing complexity of the TM1 environment
Date: 30/06/2017

By Anna Ivanova

If you are a developer, modeller or a business user of IBM Planning Analytics, then you may have certainly faced the dilemma of how to overcome the complexity of TM1 models.

Easy-to-read and detailed TM1 documentation is essential for many reasons. Firstly, it enables accurate changes to be made to models. As models can be quite complex, it becomes incredibly difficult to analyse the impact of upcoming changes. Considering the interconnected nature of TM1, models and reports are likely to be unintentionally affected, and these impacts may not be immediately apparent.

Secondly, good documentation helps to conduct a comprehensive analysis of data and to retain and disseminate knowledge within the organisation. Imagine the case where your analysts, developers and experienced users of TM1 decide to move on, without meaningful documentation knowledge will leave the organisation with them. 


We all know creating and updating documentation can be a tedious and time-consuming task. The necessity to capture and track changes for regulatory and audit purposes adds fuel to the fire, and also creates the need for automatically generated documentation as changes are made, keeping all parties in the know.   

There is a solution to manage all of the above ... QUBEdocs: a tool for managing and documenting TM1 models. QUBEdocs enhances visibility of your models, allowing you to reduce the cost of support and govern information effectively.

Documentation is always up-to-date and is centralized, with information being pulled out of individual source files and brought into one place where it can be consumed.

To learn more about how QUBEdocs can ease the management and documentation of your TM1 models, contact Steven Gill at or on 0421 566 219.

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