Bringing it Together to take charge of the ‘I’ in your IT
Date: 27/01/2021

IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog (WKC)

One product that could assist with this is IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog (WKC) which will turn your knowledge and analytics assets into a cloud-based enterprise metadata repository that lets you catalog your knowledge and analytics assets. This includes machine learning models and structured and unstructured data wherever they reside, so that they can be easily accessed and used for all forms of AI.

bringing-it-together-to-take-charge-of the-i-in-your-it-1

Architecture of Watson Knowledge Catalog (WKC) for the default catalog is illustrated below.

bringing-it-together-to-take-charge-of the-i-in-your-it-2

One integrated and Unified Catalog

IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog brings together Watson Knowledge Catalog (WKC) and Information Server Catalog (IGC) with IBM Information Server as an Enterprise unified governance catalog with IGC capabilities that will support all your tactical assets such as Business Glossary, connection, databases, schemas and tables, while also supporting your Models, Notebooks, Dashboards, Policy manager and third-party assets.

Information Server 11.7 (onwards) allows to setup a bi-directional bridge between Information Governance Catalog and Watson Knowledge Catalog, that will allow you to share data Assets and the flow of information between them.

bringing-it-together-to-take-charge-of the-i-in-your-it-3

Eventually all assets and information will flow between and be a part of one catalog which is categorised as machine learning catalog and known as the “IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog”.

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