Introducing Project Management Consultants

Date: 17/06/2020

By James Field, Project Management Consultant, PMsquare

At Cornerstone we excel in ‘Simplifying Data Complexity’ by delivering the right solution for the right business problem. That extends into our unique approach to PMO as part of our consulting service. Each project includes an assigned Project Management Consultant (PMC) to ensure successful delivery.

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Price Volume Mix analysis in TM1

Date: 16/06/2020

By Yuri Kudryavcev, Principal Consultant, Cornerstone Performance Management

I was just reading through Price Volume Mix analysis IBM Accelerator template and it would have been be so useful for me about 5 years back when I had to create our own template for a pharmaceutical model. Here’s some of my ramblings about it.

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Part two: Case studies for past global crises

Date: 11/06/2020

By Rod Hozack, Partner, Oliver Wight

This is part two of a two part blog series, read Part One Planning for the unpredictable – five lessons learned here.

I have been working with global organisations for a long time, helping them to improve their business processes. And over the years, there have been local or global crises that have impacted these companies with characteristics very similar to COVID-19: the currency crisis in 1997, 9/11, SARS in 2003, the global financial crisis in 2008, and then the more local but no less shattering, earthquakes, droughts, floods and fires that occur. And each time, I hear people talk about how the event is unique and could never have been predicted. While this is true to a certain degree, you can and should be able to plan for such events. COVID-19 will pass but there will always be something on the way to disrupt your business.

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Part one: Planning for the unpredictable – five lessons learned

Date: 02/06/2020

By Rod Hozack, Partner, Oliver Wight

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TM1 Cell Security

Date: 01/06/2020

By Yuri Kudryavcev, Associate Consultant at Cornerstone

Had a few ‘let’s improve performance’ cases recently that were all related to TM1 Cell Security, so here’s a couple of notes on it. You’ve heard all of this before, just putting it together.

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