Speed up Your Enterprise’s Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting with IBM Planning Analytics on Cloud Pak for Data
Date: 31/12/2020

Our world is turning faster and faster every day. As a result, many forward-thinking companies have adopted new centralised planning platforms to drive better decision-making.

This is called digital transformation - where a business relies on process automation and agility to increase opportunity and reduce costs.

However, recent unprecedented worldwide events have created more challenges than ever before. A volatile market means your business must have the right tool to identify the right steps to navigate the best path through these challenges.

Accelerate Your Planning Cycle

Spreadsheets are laborious, inaccurate and tedious to work with. Thousands of analysts around the world are transcending the limits of manual planning and becoming the analytics hero their business needs.

Automating your spreadsheet-based planning cycle will...

  • unify information into a single version of the facts
  • quickly and easily drive faster, more accurate plans for FP&A, sales, supply chain and beyond.
  • give you a competitive edge through data-driven decision-making
  • combine financial and organisational planning
  • allow synchronised preparation of schedules, budgets and predictions in real-time
  • match top-down business strategies with operational delivery
  • lead to more efficient scheduling and rapidly updates those schedules and predictions in real-time.

IBM Planning Analytics is a perfect tool for any company who wishes to accelerate their planning cycle. Build IBM Planning Analytics on Cloud Pak for Data and you can also...

  • gain the strength of an enterprise planning solution
  • completely integrate data and AI platform.

According to Forrester's the overall economic effect of IBM Planning Analytics will enhance data processes and accelerate a company’s annual budgeting time by 63%.

IBM Cloud Pak for Data...

1. Modernises how companies capture, coordinate and interpret data

2. Infuses and integrates AI throughout the enterprise

3. Puts together market-leading offerings covering the entire analytics life cycle

4. Reduces the need for expensive integration with other systems and tools

5. Supplies the knowledge base for the entire company to execute AI

6. Assists with managing compliance, governance, enterprise intelligence and integrated AI

7. Is Red Hat, OpenShift, Hybrid-Cloud based

IBM Planning Analytics on Cloud Pak for Data puts a new automated planning system within reach. And can be implemented quickly and ready to use in a few weeks. This means, instead of waiting years for a staged roll-out, you can get started straight away. Spending more time on planning, and less time on system and data management, and see the benefits straight away with minimal downtime and training.

IBM Forecasting Analytics on Cloud Pak for Data could give your company the edge. You will be able to schedule, predict, and budget more quickly and infuse AI into your planning process.

Do you want to learn how to accelerate your enterprise’s planning, budgeting and forecasting cycles? Contact IBM’s Platinum Business Partner, Cornerstone Performance Management to arrange a demo today.

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