Learn How to Make Application Archiving an Enterprise Advantage

Digital information is the lifeblood of the enterprise.

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Application Archiving - Selecting the Right Method

InfoArchive is an application-agnostic solution for information management and archiving that supports different enterprise needs for ingesting application data of all types.

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Planning Analytics Express Case Study – I-MED Radiology Network

As its business grew, I-MED realised that its existing systems were too inflexible to support the sophisticated financial and operational planning processes the company needed for the future. I-MED worked with Cornerstone to build a new planning model utilising IBM Planning Analytics Express to support detailed, activity-based budgeting at the clinic level for faster budgeting and forecasting. Read more

Motio Persona IQ Case Study

HealthPort streamlines its Cognos authentication transition and improves BI processes with Persona IQ

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Motio Theia Data Sheet

Harmonise your Analytics experience with Theia

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